Is Mobile Pet Grooming Better than Going to a Dog Salon?

All dogs need to be groomed but not all of them can be groomed in the same way. Unlike people, dogs can get very choosy and sometimes wary of the things that are being done to them. If you are running out of options when it comes to dog grooming, don’t worry. Maybe you haven’t tried mobile pet grooming yet. You may want to find out if it’s right for you and your pet.

Like most types of services, its outcome mainly relies on the professional providing the service. Technically, a mobile pet grooming business is one that provides paw spa mobile grooming services right at the customer’s doorstep. They have this big van where all the grooming tools and equipment are set up. They’ll park the van near your home and you bring your doggies to them for an hour’s worth of pampering.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Grooming Services

To choose the right mobile grooming company to handle your pet, try to find the ones who invest heavily on their equipment. The larger the truck, the more space there will be inside for the dog, the groomer, and all the tools to be used.

Check out their setup inside. Does it look like a mini salon inside the van? Is it something that your dog would like? Does the whole van look and smell sanitary? These are some of the key questions that you want answered first.

The Advantages of Mobile Grooming

Mobile grooming is beneficial to many clients with dogs that tend to get stressed when it’s out for a ride. These are mostly the people whom these companies are providing their services for. So in essence, you should be enjoying top-notch convenience whenever you call up a mobile dog salon.

They say that mobile pet grooming is expensive but in reality, it’s cost effective. Because of mobile groomers, you don’t have to bother driving downtown so that’s a lot of savings on time and effort. You and your dog also won’t get stressed out, which is priceless. Convenience is always something worth paying for.

Mobile pet grooming is also very flexible. You can set the schedule when they’ll come so you can plan your day well. Most mobile groomers are available when pet salons are already closed. That means you can have them come over at night or during weekends.

What to Watch Out For

Again, not all services are the same. If you want to hire the best groomers, you want to choose very well. Compare the best service provider side by side until you find the right one. Try not to hire those groomers with a limited space inside the van, especially if your pet tends to be anxious inside confined spaces with a stranger.

You may also want to check out the mobile grooming companies with several vans in their fleet. These are the ones that may always be available for you whenever you call. Also a big business must mean that they’re getting the trust of many clients.

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