Mobile game applications are now very famous as these applications are most commonly used by android and iOS users. Android and iOS are the most common operating systems for the gadgets that people use such as for their smart phones, tablets, iPads, and smart watch, and many more.

As the world of science has further developed, a lot of gadgets have been produced and distributed throughout the world. These gadgets have been manipulating almost everything in the world as of today. You can now easily manipulate everything at the tip of your hands through your gadgets.


Let us talk about handling or managing your online banking, checking the weather, reading the news, watching movies, online streaming, online shopping, online gaming, and many more are just some of the things that you can do with the development of these technological advancements nowadays. These are just the basic things that you can do.

On the other hand, one of the most commonly known applications in mobile or smart phones is the applications called clash of Clans (CoC) and Mobile Legends. These are the two most famous games in terms of mobile gaming throughout the world. So let me introduce you to these two wonderful and addictive games:

1. Clash of Clans or CoC is an online game that gives a player the chance to make a territory or home base developed. The player can build different infrastructures to protect the base and to develop resources such as gold and elixir. The level of the player is based on the town hall (TH) level. The TH determines how or when the resources and protective machines such as the walls will, and towers will be leveled up as well. It takes a few minutes in starting to build these infrastructures. However, the higher the level of the building is, the higher the time it takes for it to be finished to develop.


Defensive Buildings

Here are some of the defensive infrastructures that are needed to be built in your CoC home base:

Cannon, archer tower, mortar, air defense, wizard tower, air sweeper, hidden tesla, bomb tower, x-bow, inferno tower, eagle artillery, walls, and traps such as bombs, spring traps, air bombs giant bombs, seeking air mines, and skeleton traps.

Resource Buildings

On the other hand, here are the resource buildings that you need to buy some buildings and other things that you need for your home base:

Town hall, gold mine, elixir collector, dark elixir drill, gold storage elixir storage, dark elixir storage builder’s hut, and clan castle.

Army Buildings

While here are some army buildings and other buildings that you would surely need:

Army camp, barracks, dark barracks, laboratory, spell factory, dark spell factory, barbarian king altar, archer queen altar, grand warden altar, decorations, obstacles, and loot cart.


The higher your town hall level is, the higher the defensive structure for your home base is. There are a lot of other gamers who can attack your home base. So it is important to have a high security defense for your home base in order for them to fail in looting the gold and elixir that you have in your home base.

On the other hand, you also need to have a strong army in order to have a successful attack and looting during clan wars and during farming. Having a strong army can give you more advantage during the wars.

2. Mobile Legends

mobile legendsThis mobile game application is most commonly used by League of Legends (LoL), DotA 2 or Defense of the Ancients 2 players. It is almost similar to this game since it has almost the same mechanisms. It is just that, in mobile legends, the game is in a mobile platform.

Each mobile gamer can have the ability to choose a hero with some corresponding skills. The hero has for skills in the game. As the hero gains some points by killing some minions or creeps, the gamer can choose which among the four skills will they upgrade or level up.

mobileThe gamer can use these skillset against the other heroes to kill them. Each team is composed of 5 gamers or players. There are three main roads for the two teams to clash. There is the upper level, mid-level, and the down level. Each player has his own strategy. Each direction or level has a corresponding tower or turret that would protect the base.

These towers would be aimed to be destroyed by each opposing team. So the heroes should also need to protect the turrets or towers to protect the base. The more turrets destroyed, the more vulnerable the base is.

The number of kills, deaths, and assists are also recorded during the game. So it is important for each gamer to kill other heroes as well. But if your hero gets killed, there is still some time for the hero to be alive again.

These are just some of the basic mechanisms in playing these games. If you have not encountered these games yet, then it is better to start creating an account now to catch up with these trending mobile games.

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There are millions of games that have been developed by mobile application developers in the world. There are some famous mobile games that you have probably been hooked up with already. Thousands of games have been released every year along with the progress and development in android, iOS, windows, mac, and blackberry operating systems (OS).

Mobile Applications

A mobile game is an application that has been developed by programmers, web developers, and or game application developers. A lot of programmers have the interest in developing a mobile game as it can be easily used or access by users just by downloading the application on playstore or in app store. It can be downloaded for free, and some can also be downloaded with an associated fee.


These mobile applications can be surely used in mobile phones, tablets, or ipads. However, for the information of everybody, these gaming applications are not exclusive for mobile gadgets only. It can also be used in your computers, through the application called bluestack. For mobile gamers, this application is surely famous since they have the option to use a computer or a smart phone for using some apps. It is truly amazing, right?

Introducing Bluestack

Now you have learned that applications for mobile use can also be associated with computers. There are plenty of people who think that mobile apps are only exclusive for those handy gadgets. But for those who are really addicted to their games on mobile, they can use it on computers as well. As a matter of fact, there are also developers and programmers who have made some bot applications for computers just by using a blue stack.


Therefore, in these games, a bot is the one manipulating the game. It would be hassle free since you no longer have to focus on it every time you play a game. The computer is the one doing the manipulation of the game. All you have to do now as a gamer is just to sit down and relax. Yes, that is really possible in the world of PC gaming. A lot of developers and programmers have the capacity to do this easily. It is even all throughout the world of gaming.

Mobile Game Applications

There are a lot of options for very user out there. There are applications that are really easy to download and install; and there are also a lot of applications that are totally free. Now let us get to know what are these mobile games that keep the mobile gamers hooked up with mobile gaming nowadays. Here are some examples of some mobile gaming that keeps the mobile users hyped and addicted to mobile games:

Clash of Clans (CoC), Super Mario Run, Reigns, Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise, Dyperburner, CSR Racing 2, FIFA Mobile Soccer, Riptide GP: Renegade, Pokémon Go, Assassin’s Creed Identity, Exploding Kittens, Clash Royale, Goat Simulator Waste of Space, One Tap Tennis, Real Racing 3, Romancing Saga 2, Pug’s Quest, Oceanhorn, Rush Rally 2, This War of Mine, Beach Buggy, Plants vs. Zombies, Warhammer 40000: Regicide, Mobile legends, and so many more.


These are just some of the games that you have probably known by now if you are into the world of mobile gaming. These games are prominent and famously known in the world of PC gamine and mobile gaming. A lot of people get kind of addicted to it, and a lot of people always make an effort just to become active with these games especially for those online games.

Responsibility as a Gamer

There are also a lot of mobile application developers who have become rich because of programming a lot of wonderful and addicting games and or applications. These applications do not only help people to relax. People also forget their problems at times for being hooked up with these games. It is also scientifically proven that playing some games before you study, read, and or work, can help your brain function really well than just doing some task plainly.


However, as a mobile gamer, you should be responsible enough when to play the game or not. Playing the game without even doing some task can make you addicted that can also be a reason why you are going to be hindered from doing the things that you are supposed to do. So you should know your limit or time when to play the game and when should you not. It is a basic thing for a gamer to know.

So go on, keep playing and at the same time, know your responsibilities.

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